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  • What our Clients say...

J-P de Ru

Dear Mariska, I’m writing you this letter in appreciation for you professional and prompt matter of response in resolving my request. Firstly thank you for understanding my situation and the utmost respect you showed towards the matter. Your degree of professionalism in your approach and analytical analysis of my request immediately brought home a sense of secureness that I’m dealing with a Lady That Knows Her Business. I was worried that dealing with an government institution that my time, money and efforts would be wasted BUT Bizabonke took care of the stress factor and fought the battle on my behalf. From the word GO Mariska kept me in the loop of thing and I was always informed of the progress and steps to follow. Not once was I left in the dark to worry if my case was receiving the necessary attention. Dealing with you was a breath of fresh air to experience your integrity and passion you showed through your practise. Mariska took control of the situation and ACTIONS FOLLOWED! I thank you sincerely for everything you have done. You are a true craftsmen in your trade! J-P de Ru
To Whom it may concern. I would like to bring to the attention of potential clients the phenomenal service I have received form Bizabonke concerning irregularities on my rates and taxes account, I have been back and forth to the municipality for the past two years with no resolve which to my amazement only took Bizabonke a mere week to rectify. Over and above the request the staff at Bizabonke went the extra mile to assist me with my section 49 certificate and guided me through the entire process of objecting my property value which in turn ensured that I am paying the correct rates and taxes, again with speedy service and constantly keeping me up to date with their progress. I can with confidence say with the experience I have had that Bizabonke comes highly recommended when you are faced with the immense obstacles of dealing with issues of this nature. Regards,

Wesley Mulderij

Pierre Rademeyer

In just two days a credit of almost R65000!! All through Biza Bonke. This after months of struggling with Kempton Park Ekurhuleni. Very well done and thank you for the great service and speedy response.
'n Mens verloor soms track van die munisipale rekening veral as daar interims was en dit word na 4 jaar terug geskryf en dan word daar adjustments op die rekening gedoen. Ek het glad nie verstaan wat op die rekening aangaan nie - maar was deur Biza Bonke verduidelik waar die probleem begin het - hoe die adjustment bereken was. Hulle het dit vinnig en akkuraat gedoen. Baie dankie ek sal julle verseker weer gebruik as iets opduik.

Nicoleen van Staden


I have been struggling for a year and a half to tranfer the rates and taxes of my property into my name. Johannesburg Municipality as expected was no help at all! Biza Bonke rectified this within a week and also assited me with some incorrect payments made. With such professional servies and friendly employees this company is destined for success!!
After years of dealing with the incompetency of the Ekurhuleni, it is a relief to finally have a dedicated team who can promptly resolve any issue. Thank you to Mariska and the Biza Bonke team for your fantastic service.

Yael Marks

Elize Botha

Biza Bonke = A Thousand Thumbs Up!! Every time I received my account in the post.... all I wanted to do is tear it up! My account used to be in credit, and then in debit, and then they would replace my meter and and and.... none the less, my account always seemed to be a nightmare. Thankfully.... Mariska came to my rescue! Sorted my account out, and I am now due a credit of R6604... BOOM!! Ekurhuleni!!
I had unsucessfully spent five years seeking the reversal by council of utilities charged to me in respect of a property I sold in 2010. Council had engaged lawyers to collect this, and charged me the legal fees for this Privilege. The amounts were in many thousands, and the stress and aggravation considerable. In addition, I have spent considerable time in and out of council over the last year rectifying our residential power and water readings, which resulted in councils bills of almost R100,000, I heard about Bizabonke. They completely resolved all of this in a comparatively short space of time, and secured the correct refund in respect of monies in advance paid to cover the property sale (owing the application of a questionable policy designed by council to cover their own inefficiencies). I recommend the services of Bizabonke to anybody with a council billing issues.

John Shelton


Thank you, Amelia for your excellent service that you have rendered to me. I was in a flat spin about all my tenants absconded accounts with the municipality and she got a lot written off. I am now able to sell the building.
I am a trustee at our complex and we had bad experiences in the past with managing agents, at a stage we managed the complex ourselves. I want to thank Biza Bonke Team for promptly assist our complex to appoint a managing agent and explaining how each different company work. We have been with a managing agent now for two months and everything is going fluently. I can recommend Biza Bonke to get quotes for other trustees that are unsure where to go, as we don't always understand on how to chose a managing agent. Thank you.

Kayleigh Merry

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