• Providing Exclusive Services

    Providing Exclusive Services

    Biza Bonke offer exclusive services with a sound reputation you can trust.

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Inside look
Financial Statements

Inside look

Monthly Financials for your Body Corporate on time every time. Enquire now on how we can assist you with an Inside Look into your detailed monthly body corporate financials.
Strategies compared
Body Corporate Management

Strategies compared

Obtain 3 Quotations from only reputable Managing Agents. Your Body Coporate receive quotations that are only the right fit for your Body Corporate needs.
Saving Frustration
Municipal Enquiries

Saving Frustration

Not receiving the results you deserve? We will assist with any Municipal Account Query fast and efficient. Our Testimonials is our proven track record for perfect results.

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Municipal Billing Enquiries

Replacement of Municipal Water Pipes

Replacement of Municipal Faulty Meter

Arranging Pre-Paid Meters

Prescribed Debt

Change of Tariff

Monthly administration of municipal accounts

Clearance Figures

Clearance Certificates

Municipal Refunds (Seller)

Body Corporate Financials