Biza Bonke was established in 1997 and has subsequently flourished into a successful, dynamic enterprise. The founders and Directors are integrally involved in day to day operations, which is why we are continually developing as a company.

Our business model is built on the foundations of two very important factors:

  1. Extensive expertise in the property industry, as well as an excellent working knowledge of how the various institutions operate.
  2. Years of nurtured relationships within the relevant institutions which enable us to deliver our superior service.

Our team consists of a group of fresh, dynamic persistent individuals, who know their roles and consistently deliver outstanding results for our clients. At Biza Bonke we know that without our clients we have no business and because of that fact, we take pride in handling each client’s query on a personal level, constantly communicating with updates.

Our Services

  1. Body Corporate financials (Income Statement, balance sheet, trial balance) These reports will also show comparison to the Body Corporate budget.
  2. Review of financials and advice on property rental buildings / Home Owners Associations or Sectional Title
  3. Municipal queries in all the Ekurhuleni entities as well as City oj Johannesburg.

Body Corporate financials are most important in this entity. The reason financial statements (Trial Balance, Income Statement, Balance Sheet) are so important is because the budget that has been approved at the AGM (Annual General Meeting) will reflect on the financials, monthly, giving the trustees and owners peace of mind that expenses are within the budget parameters.

The financials will also show provisions for creditors that have been brought into account. Resulting in accurate Body Corporate Financials. Monthly Financials will further more reflect a comparison to the previous months expenses.

Our scope includes:

  • Municipal Billing Enquiries
  • Extension of disconnection on consumables
  • Replacement of Water Pipes
  • Replacement of Faulty Meter (Electricity or Water)
  • Arranging pre-paid meters
  • Prescribed Debt
  • Change of Tariff
  • Monthly administration of municipal accounts
  • Clearance Figures
  • Clearance Certificates
  • Refunds (sellers)
  • Rates

Our Clients

Our existing clients include Conveyancing Attorneys Property Developers Managing Agents Real Estate Agents Trustees of Body Corporates Self Managing Property Portfolio Investors Individual Owners Individual Tenants Utility Management Companies Commercial Managing Agents